The generative AI toolkit for customer service leaders


Every company is working on incorporating AI into its core business processes.

For customer service, this means transitioning from an agent-first to an AI-first model, where the nucleus of the service organization is the generative AI chatbot and leaders build around it. Your customers are expecting this too. 

Our generative AI experts have gathered clear and concise insights for you understand and plan
for the shift to an AI-first model.

Download our comprehensive toolkit and receive templates and practical guides to evolve your team, strategy, and tech stack. 

  • Org charts that help you transition into an AI-first customer service organization
  • Job descriptions that help you promote and hire the right people 
  • How to onboard a generative AI customer service chatbot
  • Breakdown of security and legal risks to help you mitigate them
  • Insights into key AI-first customer service metrics to help you measure and report success

Get these guides and more in Ada's generative AI toolkit for customer service leaders.